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Nothing happens until you decide

I think one of the best skills we can develop as people who want to be high performers and people who achieve their dreams and goals is the ability to make decisions…

and then move on.

Throughout the course of a day all of us are making decisions from the moment we wake up, before even getting out of bed until the very end when the lights go out.

As adults we make about 35,000 remotely conscious decisions each day, depending on our responsibilities. Children make about 3,000 daily decisions. According to researchers at Cornell University (Wansink and Sobal, 2007), we are making 226.7 decisions each day on just food!

You might be asking why making decisions is such a focus, and why I’m even mentioning it today.

Good question.

It’s really the decisions we make on a daily basis that form our lifetime habits.

Decisions can be big or small. Where to live or what to eat for breakfast. Who to marry or not. What clothes to put on for the day. What career to pursue or whether to check Facebook before getting out of bed.

See - there are all kinds of decisions.

Fork in the roadWhen we arrive at the end of our life and if we’re lucky enough to have time to reflect back, it will be our decisions that made the difference for us. Those forks in the road, when we could go here or there, or become this or that, or live near or far, or travel or not—will be viewed as the turning points in our lives.

So as we start to wrap up 2017 in a bow and put it on a shelf, reflect back over this past year’s decisions. Did you make them with your heart or with your head? Were there promises and commitments you made in January that are still unfulfilled right now? What could you kick-start into gear RIGHT NOW so that when that ball drops you feel not only good, but great about moving forward into 2018!

Decision-making can be easy, like, what’s for dinner tonight.

And the next one right behind it can be hard - to stay or go, to play small or big, to step outside our comfort zone or remain inside what we know so well.

As far as I know, we only get this ONE BIG LIFE. If that’s the case then we really have only one decision to make —to play small or to play big. Once we decide on that everything else starts to fall into place.

John Assaraf, author, star in The Secret, has said it so well when he says, “Are you interested or are you committed? If you’re interested, you’ll do what’s convenient. If you’re committed, you’ll do what it takes.”

When we make those big decisions in life, we have to check in with our heart vs. our head. How does it feel? Will this big decision expand my life or will it contract it?

Often, coaching clients ask me how to decide to get rid of certain things. They want me to decide for them. They say it’s just too difficult to make the decision. My response is always the same. One has to start with the easier decisions: the old catalogs and magazines, the clothes that don’t fit, the people that drain you of all positive energy, and the over-scheduled calendar.

Make decisions there first.

Get in the habit of deciding and see that you are still breathing and alive on the other side of the decision. Never start with the emotional, memory clutter. Start far away from that in the beginning. When you are ready for that, you will have already practiced on the non-essential, the non-important and non-emotional stuff that’s been clogging you.

As many of you know I love and live to snow ski. Dropping-inAs our weather here this week has gone from 104 degrees at the beach (unheard of before) to a rainy, cool Halloween, there’s snow in the mountains with our ski mountain opening in just NINE days for the 2017-18 season. When we skiers and snowboarders are standing at the top of a run, we have to make the decision as to when to “drop in”. Depending on the pitch of the run, the weather and the number of people on the run are all factors that run through one’s mind before deciding.

I have watched many people really struggle with dropping in, and I, too, have stood at the top of some ski runs with great reserve about dropping in at just the right moment.

Here’s the thing: once you let go and "lean in" to it, the decision is made and the next action steps appear. As my dear friend and mentor Jack Canfield says, “You don’t need to see every turn of the highway when you start on a long journey. You just need to know the next part of the road.”

Wishing you a great road ahead as you gear up for 2018!!

Fun, Family & Friends

Land of the Free, because of the Brave

11.11 is just a week or so away. It’s time for us to remember those who have given so much for our freedom. As we go about our November, it’s a perfect time to appreciate the giving of so many others. Those who have served in the military and those who still serve today have devoted years of preparation and performance for us. They “leaned in” to their many responsibilities and risks with some who ended up paying the ultimate price.

As you travel near and far during the next two months or just go about your daily routine, keep an eye out for those in military uniform or in retired military caps. Lean in and let them know how grateful you are for their contribution to our safety.

Thanking them for their service could put a smile on their face and at the same time make your day. You may think this suggestion is bold of me to say, but it will mean so much to them and fill your heart with joy at the same time.

You decide.


“If you wake up deciding what you want to give versus what you’re going to get, you become a more successful person.”
Russell Simmons
“Most of my failures can be ascribed to the fact that I chose that which was ‘easy’ over that which was ‘right. And while it’s right to admit this to myself, it isn’t easy. So which choice am I going to make this time?”
Craig D. Lounsbrough
“Focus is a matter of deciding what things you’re not going to do.”
John Carmack
“The key is taking responsibility and initiative, deciding what your life is about and prioritizing your life around the most important things.”
Stephen Covey
All you even have to decide

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