Sue Crum

Speaker · Coach · Author, Clear Your Clutter

Mike Stromsoe - Business Owner.
Found Focus as a Big Take-away.

Dr. Adam Dustin - Medical Doctor.
"Your Book - I Love It! So Concise!"

Kevin Harrington - Original Shark on ABC's Hit TV Show "Shark Tank".
"Tips for every busy business professional."

Jimmy Nicholas - Business Owner.
"Productivity soared ... connect with Sue."

"Sue shows you how small, specific actions can transform your life to more success and a joy-filled tomorrow. Sue is America's Leading Authority on Clearing Clutter!"

- Jack Canfield

“If you feel stressed and overwhelmed, Sue motivates you to action and gets you moving toward a life of more focus and success.”

- Brian Tracy

“I’ll follow Sue Crum wherever she goes. She’s a rock star! I was never motivated to get things done until I met Sue!”

- Michael Korateff

“Sue has been a huge help to me!! Having her knowledge, expertise and energy to tackle my busy mom life, complete with all the normal organizational frustrations, has been awesome. What is more important than feeling in control of our priorities, clutter and paperwork? It is the most liberating thing you can do for yourself!! Thank you, Sue!!”

- Aimee Monroe

“Sue helped get me organized so that I could follow my passion and start a business in something I loved. She was instrumental in getting me on the road to success! Thanks, Sue.”

- Carrie Williams

“Sue has been instrumental in having me focus on the essential and let go of past habits that did not serve me. Thanks just doesn’t seem enough.”

- M. Hall

“Sue Crum saved my life. A year ago I was trapped, physically and emotionally by the clutter and generalized disorganization in my home. Sue is not simply a professional organizer, but a woman of talent, education and experience. She shows not only wit and wisdom but does this in an understanding, caring, non-judgmental way.”

- Pat Nowlin

“Sue Crum shows you how to look at your world, regain control and create the future you deserve beginning now.”

- Alex Kajitani

“Sue offers specific strategies to get us focused on improving the one life we have!”

- Wanny Hersey

“I want to thank you. You got me in the right direction. You are just a great motivator and so positive. I appreciate it so much.”

- Carol Simmons

Sue on Marilu Henner Show.

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Sue Interviewed by Micheal Dresser on Her Book "Clear Your Clutter."

Micheal Dresser Show

Sue on Kelly Alexander Show Discussing Productivity.

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Sue Interviewed by Nick Digilio Show on WGN.

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Sue on WCMY The Morning Show Discussing Impact of Clutter on Success.

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